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The Equine Center’s Veterinarians can help you design vaccination and deworming plans that are most appropriate for your horse or herd. In order to evaluate and maintain the efficacy of your deworming program, we recommend routine fecal analysis; a valuable technique used for parasite identification.

We offer a very effective and affordable wellness program, called WellCare EQ™. It is an exclusive equine wellness program designed to optimize horse health by encouraging preventive care to identify and treat problems before they become serious. Horses on this program have proven to be four times less likely to need hospital services than horses not on a veterinary supervised preventative healthcare program. Most horses that enroll in The Equine Center's WellCare EQ programs, and stay compliant with the programs' guidelines are eligible for EQCO Coverage™ benefits . 

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Emergency Services


The Equine Center is dedicated to providing prompt emergency services to our established clientele and their animals.

Emergency service is provided to patients currently enrolled in The Equine Center's WellCare program or patients who have been treated by our practice in the last 36 months. Emergency service is also provided to non-clients if we are contacted specifically by your regular veterinarian directly. If you are not currently a client of The Equine Center, please contact your regular veterinarian for emergency service.

For TEC client Emergency Services call 805-541-6367.


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Vaccination Recommendations

The Equine Center Veterinarians have put together a list of recommended vaccinations for horses living on the Central Coast. Click on image below for a printable version.

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