Sports Medicine Center

At The Equine Center, we are able to provide either in-hospital or at-the-farm evaluation of your horse’s soundness. We have a FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale) accredited veterinarian on staff, who has worked closely with high level Equine competitors and trainers, and who has experience in all areas of Equine competition, including the Olympic and Pan American games.

The Equine Center has the clinical expertise and the diagnostic equipment needed to accurately assess any horse's condition including:

Lameness and follow-up examinations with Lameness Locator data analysis

Digital Radiography

Nuclear Scintigraphy


Upper airway Endoscopy and Gastroscopy


Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Laser Therapy

Joint Injections

Laboratory Tests

Diagnostic and therapeutic management of back pain

Objective Saddle Fit analysis with Thermograpy and Lameness Locator Rider Module

Regenerative therapies (IRAP, PRP)

Rehabilitation consultations and programs

Pre-purchase examinations

Assistance with physical or behavioral issues that limit your equine athlete

Chiropractic evaluation and treatments


Advanced Diagnostics

In order to give our clients the best options for treatment of complicated problems, The Equine Center has the latest diagnostic equipment available, including:

Digital Radiography - our portable, state-of-the-art systems take radiographs (x-rays) of all parts of the equine skeleton.

Ultrasonography - our digital ultrasound systems are used for sports medicine, medical conditions and reproduction.

Nuclear Scintigraphy - or bone scanning - this offers another level of more specific diagnostic options.

Thermography - is particularly helpful in Sports medicine.

Inertial Motion Sensing Analysis - the Lameness Locator adds objectivity and precision to a lameness examination.

Video Endoscopy - to evaluate airway and gastrointestinal issues.

In House Laboratories - for prompt results.

Each modality provides different diagnostic information. They are used individually to provide site or tissue specific information when the area of an injury is known. Used together, they provide comprehensive information that helps determine the correct diagnosis.Equine Center is dedicated to providing prompt emergency services to our established clientele and their animals.



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Sports Medicine Center
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Advanced Treatments


By utilizing new treatments, such as Mesotherapy, stem cells, PRP, IRAP and Shock Wave therapy; we are able to promote healing of soft tissue and bone injuries that have not responded fully to conventional therapies.


Stem Cells

PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma


Shock Wave Therapy



Our goal, in developing our sports medicine and rehabilitation programs, is to use scientific knowledge, gained in both human and equine medicine, to raise the standard of care and performance of the athletic horse.

The Equine Center has a team of experienced sports medicine staff that work alongside owners, trainers, chiropractors, farriers and other horse professionals to evaluate a horse’s condition and their physical potential. We can design the most appropriate course of action to meet the owner's goals, whether that is a return from injury or a maintenance plan for fitness. The Equine Center has successfully rehabilitated many injuries such as tendons, ligaments, joint and back pain as well as recoveries from surgical procedures. The treadmill is also utilized by Owners of local show and event horses as an addition to their conditioning program to enhance their horse’s top line and over all fitness.

The goals of rehabilitation are as follows:

-Relieve Pain

-Restore Range of Motion

-Regain Strength

-Return to Intended Use

Some of the Therapeutic tools available at The Equine Center:

Exercise programs using a variable high speed incline treadmill with heart rate monitor

Therapeutic Laser

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Iontophoresis TENS (Trans-cutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation)

RSWT (Radial Shock Wave Therapy)

Acupuncture and Chiropractic therapists

Graduated pen sizes for safe turnout Two arenas and ¾ mile conditioning track on rolling terrain

Professional size eight horse walker

Corrective trimming and shoeing under radiographic guidance

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